Friday, February 11, 2005

Az Chaleh too Chaah!

Michael Ledeen is a fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute and a fervent advocate of an aggressive foreign policy towards Iran. He is considered by many as one of the “driving philosophical force behind the neoconservatives” and as the man who once proudly said “creative destruction is our middle name”!

I believe it is fair to say that Mr. Ledeen is the embodiment and the walking personification of the same ideology that drove thousands of “unlawful combatants” to Guantanamo and a few more thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians to their graves!

But what prompts me to write about him?

While browsing the Internet yesterday, I came across Mike “creative destructor” Ledeen's recent article - “Faster, please” – in which he had once again prescribed an Iraqi style “liberation” for Iran; so I thought it would be appropriate to let him know what I think of his plans for my country!
After all a man who had helped transfer arms to Iran during the Iran-Contra affair had nothing to teach me about the high values of liberty and good principles.

So I wrote him this short email:

Mr. Ladeen,

Obviously you have no real understanding of the iranian psyche. We (iranians) would ather live and die under the Mullah's flag than to get "liberated" by americans.

President Bush has already sabotaged the iranian "people"'s movement toward democracy once by branding Iran as part of an "axis of evil", hence giving the harliners enough pretext and justification to prosecute activists and reformers even more
vigourously than before.

He is now engaging the regime AND the people in a psychological war, the result of which you (americans) could never understand, as you still don't know the
iranian mentality.

Today, "tens of thousands of Iranians have braved blizzards to attend rallies marking the 1979 Islamic revolution", most of whom could have very well been against the regime; Yet have still prefered it over your suggested methods of bringing "freedom"!

Moreover, if you really care about the new "referendum movement" and all those who initiated it, please don't ask any Western leaders to support it! The minute Mr.
Blair and Co. show the slightest sign of approval toward this movement, it would loose all its credibility in Iran!

Why don't you get it? We don't want your help!”

Mr. Ledeen's response was:
Then don't bother me. Just shut up and spit.

I am not surprised! I know people like Mike Ledeen: They think they have more rights on our country than we do. An Iranian should either "shut up" or obide by the neocon's rule!

I just thought it would be a good idea to share his comments with the Internet community so that everybody gets to see how extremely "arrogant" these neocons are and how close their language and mentality is to Hossein Shariatmadari's.

Maybe some of us would think twice before supporting the "freedom" army’s march on Tehran!

Or maybe the few pro-Bush iranians who support an invasion would finally realize that it is much easier to get out of an iranian “Chaaleh” than an american “Chaah”!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pas HOssein DerakhShan yek DOKKAn ham inja baz kardeh:)

6:13 PM  
Anonymous peyman said...

Thank You very much for promoting peace through your website.
We have started an antiwar campaign by writting the phrase "No War" on dollar bills. I hope You can join us and spread the word to your readers.
We may stop the warmongers, to cause another human catastrophe, if we preempt their preemptive attacks.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Alireza said...

Great post. What I don't understand about Ledeen is whether he is really a jackass or whether he is pretending to be a jackass.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Mohd said...

It's not just Michael Ledeen, but there are a bunch of them who promot a "bomb all" mentality in the US. And guess what, some of our "patriotic" compatriots are becoimg cheerleaders for these thugs. Just today I received an e-mail from one of there "patriots" with an attachement article from another of these loonies. His name is Victor D. Hanson and he writes for the National Review (where else). These Iranian neo-cons don't care what will happen to Iran and Iranians. They're just bitter that they've lost their power and will do *anything* to get it back. Mind you they have also missed their mansions in Ghaytarieh and Zafaranieh, which is so sad!!

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Reza Naseri (a.k.a. Hoder, a.k.a. Hossein dumbass),

Nobody is going to librate Iranians but Iranians. read the cited article again.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Sima said...

I am glad you have started this weblog. Neocons such as Ledeen have always been scary to me. But what is more scary is the alliance between neocons, conservatives, and liberals in this bogus "war on terror." I am scared to see that at times AEI and other think tanks such as Hoover (conservative) have liberals among their fellows and they actually all supported a war on Iraq. Let's hope that they won't launch an attack on Iran.
Thanks for writing against war.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Michael Ledeen?

Excerpt, taken from Edward Herman / Gerry O'Sullivan, The "Terrorism" Industry (Pantheon, 1989), p. 161 ff.

Michael Ledeen has long been associated with CSIS [Center for Strategic and International Studies] and was one of the founding organizers of JINSA [The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs]. During the Reagan years, Ledeen moved into the higher circles of power, serving as Secretary of State Haig's advisor and agent in Italy, as a consultant on terrorism, and playing a role in both the Bulgarian connection case and the Iran-contra affair. With these connections, Ledeen had exceptional media exposure, appearing on ABC's "Nightline" and "This Week with David Brinkley," PBS's "MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour," and CNN's "Crossfire." He has also written op-ed columns and articles for numerous magazines and newspapers, and edited the Washington Quarterly (published by CSIS) prior to going to work for Haig.

Ledeen's academic career came to an end when he was denied tenure at Washington University in St. Louis in 1972 for, among other reasons, plagiarism [1]. During the 1970s, he worked as a journalist in Italy with Il Giornale Nuovo, a right-wing newspaper reputedly controlled by the CIA [2]. During this Italian stint he collaborated regularly with Claire Sterling in anticommunist propaganda closely tied to ongoing U.S. interventionist strategies [3]. In 1980 he entered into a collaboration with Francesco Pazienza, an agent of the Italian secret service (SISMI) and a member of Rome's extreme right wing Masonic Lodge, P2 (Propaganda Due), headed by the fascist Licio Gelli. In an Italian criminal court in 1985, Pazienza was judged guilty of political manipulation, forgery, and the protection of criminals and terrorists, among other offenses. Indeed, according to the findings of the court, Pazienza falsified information about the Bologna bombing in
order to divert attention away from the real (right-wing) terrorists who had staged the attack. Ledeen is identified in the court documents as an agent of SISMI, possibly placed on their payroll by Pazienza himself. Ledeen collected money for his services to SISMI, which included "risk assessment," the training of Italian intelligence agents, and providing reports on terrorism to the Italian government [4].

Pazienza and Ledeen worked together in the so-called Billygate affair during the 1980 presidential campaign, luring Jimmy Carter's brother into a compromising relationship with Qaddafi (this according to
prosecuting Judge Domenico Sica). During the Reagan transition, to quote Italian police official Umberto d'Amato, "there was an interregnum during which relations between Italy and the United States were carried on in the persons of the duo Pazienza-Ledeen" [5]. Later, the pair were important participants in the creation of the Bulgarian plot to kill the pope, a story that succeeded in gulling most of the major media in the West.

Ledeen has moved within the power structure and between Western governments according to opportunity, for personal advantage and perhaps also in pursuit of political ends that are not entirely clear. Although serving as a loyal agent of the U.S. state in Italy in the 1970s, his service in the Billygate affair was to the Republican Party. He was on the payroll of the Italian secret service agency SISMI in the early 1980s, but his manipulations in Italy caused the new head of SISMI to declare before Parliament in 1984 that Ledeen was an "intriguer" and unwelcome in Italy [6]. His attachment to Israel, reflected in his JINSA connection, may have influenced his pursuit of the hostage deal with Iran (Israel favored such a transaction), and his former boss in the Pentagon, Noel Koch, asserts that while Ledeen was in Italy the CIA station chief there took him to be "an agent of influence of a foreign government" [7].

In articles written for Commentary and the New Republic, Ledeen argued in favor of U.S. support for right-wing terrorists ("resistance forces") such as UNITA and the Nicaraguan contras, and claimed that the Soviets had aligned themselves with the Mafia in order to use drug money to support international terrorism. In the first piece, entitled "Fighting Back," Ledeen urged the U.S. government to assassinate selected leaders of the Sandinista, Cuban, East German, Libyan, and Palestinian armed forces as a "counter terrorism" measure [8]. In "K.G.B. Connection," after repeating the oft-told tale of the Bulgarian plot to kill the pope, Ledeen asserted that the Soviets were working with drug smugglers because they are "alarmingly short of hard cash these days." "Yuri Andropov's old organization, the K.G.B., has apparently become a major backer of drug smugglers, arms runners, and terrorists..." [9]. And all of this without a shred of evidence to support his charges.

Ledeen's writings on terrorism, as exemplified by the examples above, are intellectually negligible and entirely opportunistic [10]. His superior in the government, Noel Koch, who hired him as an expert consultant on terrorism at the urging of Reagan officials, described his work on the subject as "transparent crap." Not only did the head of SISMI denounce him as an intriguer, but the authors of the Tower Commission Report concluded that the CIA should permanently terminate its relationship with Ledeen and his associate, Ghorbanifar. All of this, however, has not interfered with his status as a terrorism expert for the U.S. mass media. His connections are still potent, the right-wing and Israeli lobby are fond of him, he is glib and his "transparent crap" is therefore acceptable.

References[1] Charles R. Babcock, "Ledeen Seems to Relish Iran Insider's Role," Washington Post, Feb. 2, 1987, p. A 16; Eric Alterman, "Michael Ledeen," Regardie's, April 1987.

[2] Fred Landis, "Robert Moss, Arnaud de Borchgrave, and Right-Wing Disinformation," CovertAction Information Bulletin, no. 10 (Aug.-Sept. 1980), p. 43.

[3] See chapter 5, p. 83.

[4] Herman and Brodhead, Bulgarian Connection, pp. 94-95; Jonathan Kwitny, "Tale of Intrigue: Why an Italian Spy Got Closely Involved in the Billygate Affair," Wall Street Journal, Aug. 8, 1985.

[5] Quoted in Sandro Acciari and Pietro Calderoni, "C'ero io, c'era Pazienza," L'Espresso, Nov. 11, 1984.

[6] Marizio De Luca, "Fuori l'intrigante," L'Espresso, Aug. 5, 1984.

[7] Quoted in Christopher Hitchens, "Minority Report," Nation, Nov. 14, 1988, p. 482. Koch makes this statement following remarks on the Pollard case and Ledeen's constant efforts to obtain secret documents that seemed to have little bearing on his supposed responsibilities in Koch's office.

[8] Michael Ledeen, "Fighting Back," Commentary, Aug. 1985, p. 28.

[9] Michael Ledeen, "K.G.B. Connections," New Republic, Feb. 28, 1983, pp. 9-10.

[10] For a fuller analysis and numerous further examples, see Herman and Brodhead, Bulgarian Connection, pp. 161-73.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

am talking to all people who are against American attack.
For 27 years we have suffered, for 27 years our oil money has been given to Arab terorrists in Lebenan and other Arab countries. All you people konw that.
I beg president Bush to free us, i beg him, we are living hell, we are living in disaster, HELP US PLEASE.
Free us from these killer Mulla's please.
Please help us.
Down with all terrorist Mulla's in Iran.
Disaster in Iran

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, please president Bush. Please help us. Please set us free from our misery, the way you freed Iraqis
Signed, Anti-Monarchists
Pictures of Dead Iraqis

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you say, "WE DON'T WANT YOUR HELP"...are you talking on behalf of all iranians??

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Ramin said...

Dear Reza,
I share a lot of worries with you about a military invasion of Iran but I don't absolutely agree with you on this so general assertion of yours that "We (iranians) would rather live and die under the Mullah's flag than to get "liberated" by americans." I also found the article about Ladeen very useful but quite ironically I think in "Faster, Please" he is not advocating a military aggression. He says: "Thus far, no Western leader has endorsed the call for an Iranian referendum. Now is the time. If the mullahs unexpectedly accept it, they will either receive confirmation of their claims to legitimacy, or be permitted to peacefully leave their posts. If they reject it, then no Western leader will be able to dismiss the calls for democratic revolution in Iran, and a united West can do for Iran what was done for Ukraine." Therefore your initial assumption: "I came across Mike “creative destructor” Ledeen's recent article - “Faster, please” – in which he had once again prescribed an Iraqi style “liberation” for Iran" is _totally_ wrong. Please read Ladeen's article again and revise your notes and ideas.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an Iranian and I have to tell you, you got an answer that you deserved,idiot.
just shut up,ok?

1:58 PM  
Blogger Reza Nasri said...

I appreciate your comments. However I should stress that Mike Ledeen has never backed off from his incitations to provoke war on Iran.

Eventhough he has used a more moderate language in his article "Faster, please", I would not rely too much on his new rhetoric if I were you.

Please don't forget that the Bush administration claimed they do not want to engage in a war with Iraq up to few days before the actual attack!

For me actions speak more than nicely put words.

Scott Thompson rightly points out in his article "Michael Ledeen demands Regime Change in Iran" that :

Michael Ledeen, who divides his time among National Review Online, JINSA, and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) stirring up the networks in Congress and the press, and lining up tainted intelligence to justify war on Iran.

So I don't think I was that wrong in assessing his real intentions, especially considering his ties with Israel hardliners and the Los Angeles monarchists. But you're right, I should have given more references about his past articles and speeches to avoid confusion.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Reza Nasri said...

The previous comment was addressed to Ramin.

2:44 PM  
Blogger shoja said...

Please read my comment in my blog it was a rather large one I could not post it here:

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Alborz said...

As an Iranian who lives in exile for 21 years and also as someone who found a picture of my beloved executed brother and some other member of families and friends by Mullah's in Iran in one of the links above, I have to say that I love to see my country FREE and civilised, but the question is how?? There are a few important facts that we should consider first:
1) Majority of Iranian are not fanatical muslims and there is a hidden pro western culture in all of us, when you compare Iranian with neighbouring Arabs.
2) There is enough energy and will power for Freedom and human rights inside Iran than anywhere else in the world.
3) Iranian have proved that they are civilised enough and ready for civilised reform, there is no need for violence.
4) Iraq experience is bitter enough. The hatred for west now is growing rapidly and it is long lasting. It's in America's interest to find a better way for dealing with their problems.

WHAT IS THE **** S O L O U T I O N *****??
1) Increase the political preasure on Iranian government, without preasursing ordianry people in Iran.

2) Increase preasure from Amnesty, UN, EU etc for implementation of unconditional Human Rights in Iran.

3) Force Iranian government to accept a FREE referandom and FREE election.

4) Force Iranian government to accept the freedom of speech, publications, magazines and Radio or TV.

5) Require unconditional freedom of political prisoners in Iran.

6) An international court must be set up to investigate all kind of crimes commited by Iranian leaders such as executions, tortures, terrors as well as thier political and economical crimes. you will find a few million claimants and wittnesses.

7) American should Allocate 1/100 of their financial and arm resources as well as human life resources to Help Iranian freedom movement and opositions to fight for their rights in Iran. Prove that you really care about what say you care and we Iranian people will put genuine red carpet under your feet when you come to Iran. Or do you prefer another kind of "Red Carpet" coloured by blood???
We want peace and friendship. let spread the Love and care instead of bomb and terror.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Bijan said...

Michael Ledeen’s arrogant response to you (and all real democratically-minded people) to shut up shows how these people are cruising on the wings of tremendous fear on America psyche after 9-11 events.
Well, you advised him and he rejected, so we should tell him a simple fact of history and let him do what he’s not advised to do: the fact that Iranian people during 3000 years of continuous statehood have crushed so many invasions with their best weapon, that is, cultural resistance combined with any opportunity to suppress the invaders militarily. Never in history, a nation-building effort has ever been materialized through foreign invasion. Ledeen & Co cannot give us a single example and does not feel to provide it with his shut up call to you!

We should also warn Mr. Ledeen to learn from the fate of all arrogant empires in the history and warn him that invading Iran will lead to a final collapse of the whole arrogant Western Thought.

If Mr Ledeen & Co cannot find real allies even among genuine opponents of mullah’s dictatorship, then he should reconsider his plans to rely on a bunch of desperate Iranians who are virtually BEGGING for an invasion but would NEVER jeopardize theor own interests to support the invaders. After all, if these people had the ball to fight, they’d fight Mullahs instead of licking the ass of a bunch of foreign war mongers! Those Iranians who support an American invasion will hardly be forgiven not only because of their lack of judgment but also because of the cowardice and passivity in front of the ruling mullahs. We should remind such ‘Iranians’ that the final outcome of an invasion of Iran would, at best (for American invaders) be a domestic war in Iran and/or disintegration of this ancient country!

A genuine Irani knows how to deal with invaders! Iran is the land of peace-loving humanists like Moulavi (Rumi), Ferdosi, Hafez, Khayyam, Avecina, etc, not the land of philistine people like Ledden & Co.

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, bro.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladeen is a Zoinist who serves the Israel's flag first. he and his other Zoinist in US ( Perle, Wolfowhith, Duglas Fight...)are the one who are sending American to kill others for Israel's security. I'm not supporise what these devil do because that's the nature of these animals but what I'm supporise is the Iranians trators who work and support these animals. In Iran's history there has always been Trators that worked with forigners ( British, Russian, American..) and that's why we Iranian have been mislead and missused by them. Untill a day when we Iranian realise that we should solve our problems ourself there's no hope for us.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ex rabbi Ledeen, is no different to the rest of the Zionist mercenaries. These brown nosed or is that brown shirt parasites? Have always hitched a ride on the coattail of the dominant powers, all the while pushing their own agenda. Trouble is these virulent parasites deal with their own tribe no better, either!

The so called Dr. Whose thesis evidently was on Machiavelli, fully subscribing to the notions of reactionary, recidivism of that sixteen century tosser, plays the tunes that the inbred circle of the power elite would like to hear. The clever Dr. Along with the other rabbi Franklin, and scoop Jackson's part time go for, and full time Israeli spy Richard Perle, and Doug Fieth of the Office of Special Plans that was basically him, and an Intern, as well as the General Scooter Libby, Billy Kristol with his magazine with a circulation of a whole couple of thousand copies (Rupert Murdoch manifesto), with its offices in the same building as the the rest of clowns in that illustrious American Enterprise Institute, every day come out with a new plan to invade, or attack some place on the planet, which is then fed to Calamity George, with his trusted brain Dick Cheney!

Of course these days they are talking about Iran, but cakewalk to Tehran is not going to be the same as the cakewalk to Baghdad. Currently Putin is readying for the coming show down, and he has been sending the smoke signals for the benefit of the western inbred power elite, this time round there will be square root of fuck all left by the time SS27 Topol-M have finished delivering their instant buckets of sunshine!

But hey, lets talk about the Ukrainian revolution, troubles is the Polish experts cannot speak a word of Farsi, and worst still the Iranians remember the last bag of tricks that got them here to begin with, evidently twice getting lumbered with the Pahlavis (ex Shah and that lot of inbred tossers) is not enough for them, so they need to give it another try, or is it going to be yet another incarnation of Hamid Krazai the UNOCAL Tzar, or better still the convited crook in (Jordan, Lebanon, and Switzerland) Challabi and his mate the torturer extraordinaire Jay Garner?


12:37 PM  
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